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ADCY 1 (D252) polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of Adenylate cyclase type 1 protein.

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Cyclic AMP, in turn, activates several other target molecules to control a broad range of diverse phenomena such as metabolism, gene transcription and memory. Adenylyl cyclases respond to receptor-initiated signals, mediated by the Gs and Gi heterotrimeric G proteins. The binding of an agonist to a Gs-coupled receptor catalyzes the exchange of GDP (bound to G? s) for GTP, the dissociation of GTP-G? s from G?? and G? s)-mediated activation of adenylyl cyclase. Adenylyl cyclases type I (AC I) and III (AC III) have distinct staining within the cell nucleus of rat brain sensory neurons. A cyclase I, also known as AC1 or ADCY1, is a 1,119 amino acid multi-pass membrane protein expressed in the brain, retina and adrenal medulla. A cyclase I binds two magnesium ions per subunit and may be involved in regulatory processes in the central nervous system.

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