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Free Shipping when you spend NZ$500+
Free Shipping when you spend NZ$500+

Azure 500

Original price $96,894.74 - Original price $96,894.74
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$96,894.74 - $96,894.74
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Includes 9MP CCD camera cooled -50C below ambient, motorized fixed lens, internal touchscreen computer with 13.3" monitor running Azure capture software, dual wavelength UV transilluminator at 302 and 365 nm, Orange Tray, Black Tray, EPI blue LEDs (472 nm) for gel applications, laser diodes at 658 nm and 784 nm for NIR multiplex Western applications, 7 position motorized filter wheel with 3 filters standard, AzureSpot analysis software (choice of 3 user network floating license or 2 standalone user licenses)

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