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Dlx-5 (E126) polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of Dlx-5 protein.

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Dlx5 (distal-less homeobox 5) gene is a member of a homeobox gene family similiar to the Drosophila distal-less gene. The encoded Dlx5 protein is localized to the nucleus where it functions as a transcriptional regulator during neural development. In the developing CNS, Dlx5 is one of the earliest known markers before the formation of an overt neural plate. During late gastrulation Dlx5 (gene) expression becomes localized to the anterior neural ridge, which defines the rostral boundary of the neural plate, and also extends caudolaterally, marking the region of the presumptive neural crest. Subsequently, Dlx5 is expressed in tissues (olfactory epithelium, ventral cephalic epithelium) that are believed to derive from the anterior neural ridge.

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