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Doublecortin (K292) polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of Doublecortin protein.

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The DCDC2 gene encodes the DCDC2 protein (Doublecortin-containing protein 2, RU2, RU2S) which contains two Doublecortin peptide domains similar to those in the Doublecortin gene. DCDC2 is transcribed as a “normal” gene, which results in a sense transcript (RU2S), but when it is transcribed in the opposite direction, a shorter antisense transcript (RU2AS), which is found in tumors, results. The DCDC2 protein demonstrates ubiquitous expression, whereas RU2AS expression is restricted to normal kidney, bladder, liver, testis and tumors of various histologic origins. The deduced DCDC2 protein contains 476 amino acids, while the RU2AS protein contains 84 residues. There is a significant association between dyslexia and several SNPs within the DCDC2 gene.

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