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Eg5 (P923) polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of Eg5 protein.

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Eg5 (also known as Kinesin-like protein KIF11 or TRIP5) is a slow, plus-end-directed microtubule-based motor of the BimC kinesin family that is essential for bipolar spindle formation during eukaryotic cell division. When the expression of Eg5 is blocked, centrosome migration halts and cells are arrested in mitosis with monoastral microtubule arrays. Eg5 is phosphorylated on serine during S phase and on both serine and Thr 927 during mitosis, which regulates the association of Eg5 with the spindle apparatus (probably during early prophase). Eg5 is also known to be a member of the thyroid receptor interacting protein (TRIP) family, and interacts with the thyroid hormone receptor only in the presence of thyroid hormone.

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