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GAD67 (A492) polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of GAD67 protein.

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GAD-65 and GAD-67 are members of the group II decarboxylase family of proteins and are responsible for catalyzing the rate limiting step in the production of GABA (?-aminobutyric acid) from L-glutamic acid. Although both GADs are found in the brain, GAD-65 localizes to synaptic vesicle membranes in nerve terminals, while GAD-67 is distributed throughout the cell. GAD-67 is responsible for the basal levels of GABA synthesis. In the case of a heightened demand for GABA in neurotransmission, GAD-65 will transiently activate to assist in GABA production. The loss of GAD-65 is detrimental and can impair GABA neurotransmission, however the loss of GAD-67 is lethal. Due to alternative splicing, two isoforms exist for GAD-67: the predominant GAD-67 form and the minor GAD-25 form.

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