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KIF20A(I524) polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of KIF20A protein.

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The Kinesins constitute a large family of microtubule-dependent motor proteins which are responsible for the distribution of numerous organelles, vesicles and macromolecular complexes throughout the cell. Individual Kinesin members play crucial roles in cell division, intracellular transport and membrane trafficking events, including endocytosis and transcytosis. KIF20A (kinesin family member 20A), also known as Rabkinesin-6, RAB6KIFL (Rab6-interacting kinesin-like protein), GG10_2 or MKLP2 (mitotic kinesin-like protein 2), is a 890 amino acid protein that contains one kinesin-motor domain and belongs to the Kinesin-like protein family. KIF20A locates to the Golgi apparatus and interacts with guanosine triphosphate (GTP)-bound forms of RAB 6. KIF20A may be responsible for the retrograde RAB 6 regulated transport of Golgi membranes and related vesicles along microtubules.

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