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LIMK1/2 (D402) polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of LIMK1 and LIMK 2 protein.

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Proteins containing LIM motifs are typically involved in cell fate determination and growth control. A family of proteins designated LIM kinases, including LIMK-1 and LIMK-2, has been identified. LIMK-1 has been shown to regulate the stabilization of F-Actin structures and cofilin activity, indicating that LIMK-1 plays a role in a signaling pathway involved in the regulation of cell motility and morphogenesis. LIMK-1 inhibits neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells, and is thought to act by interfering with events downstream of MAPK activation. Expression patterns of LIMK-1 and LIMK-2 suggest that these proteins may have different functions during development. A truncated form of LIMK-2 has been identified in adult testis that is thought to arise from an alternative initiation exon.

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