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Mag-Bind® Plant DNA Plus 96 Kit

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The Mag-Bind Plant DNA 96 Kit allows rapid and reliable isolation of high-quality genomic DNA from a wide variety of plant species and tissues. Up to 50 mg of wet plant tissue (or 15 mg dry plant tissue) can be processed in less than one hour. The system combines Omega Bio-tek’s E.Z.N.A. buffer chemistry with the convenience of Mag-Bind particles to eliminate polysaccharides, phenolic compounds, and enzyme inhibitors from plant tissue lysates. This kit is designed for manual or fully automated high throughput preparation of genomic, chloroplast, and mitochondrial DNA. The Mag-Bind Plant DNA Kit also provides greater flexibility than silica plate based systems as partial plates can be used and can be scaled up to a 24-well format with the appropriate magnetic stand. The streamlined protocol can be easily adapted on most robotic liquid handling platforms. Purified DNA is suitable for PCR, restriction digestion, hybridization applications, and more demanding applications such as RAPD

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