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NGSBIO DNA Standards for Illumina®

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The NGSBIO Library Quant Kit contains all the components required for accurate and sensitive quantification of libraries prepared for Illumina® NGS systems.

The kit uses qPCR to specifically quantify adapter-ligated DNA molecules, ensuring optimal cluster densities for improved sequencing efficiency and quality of data. 


  • Uses qPCR to accurately and rapidly quantify a library prior to sequencing 
  • Gives consistent library quantification across a wide range of sample types, concentrations, fragment sizes and GC content 
  • Uses a single extension time for all libraries 
  • Allows specific quantification of only DNA molecules that can be sequenced by NGS 
  • Uses antibody-mediated hot start technology to ensure all reactions start simultaneously 
  • Compatible with all Illumina® instruments and qPCR platforms 
  • Suitable for manual and automated workflows 
  • Available as an easy-to-see blue qPCR mix 
  • Easily calculate library concentration with the online NGSBIO Library Quantification Tool 

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