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p-SSB (S366) polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of SSB protein only when phosphorylated at Serine 366.

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Ro/SSA is a ribonucleoprotein that binds to autoantibodies in 35 to 50% of patients with SLE and in up to 97% of patients with Sjogren syndrome. The Ro/SSA particle consists of a single immunoreactive protein noncovalently bound with one of four small RNA molecules. Most anti-Ro/SSA-positive sera have antibodies not only against the immunoreactive protein, but also against an Ro/SSA protein. The genes which encode the two proteins map to human chromosomes 11p15.5 and 1q31, respectively. La/SSB is an autoimmune RNA-binding protein that plays a role in the transcription of RNA polymerase III was originally defined by its reactivity with autoantibodies from patients with Sjogren syndrome and SLE.

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