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Free Shipping when you spend NZ$500+


PODS Human Ephrin-A3

The product contains the polyhedrin protein co-crystalized with Human Ephrin-A3. Ephrin-A3 is a member of Ephrin-A famil, and it is also known as EHK1-L, EFL-2, and LERK-3. Ephrin-A ligands are structurally related to the extracellular domains of the transmembrane Ephrin-B ligands. Eph-Ephrin interactions are widely involved in the regulation of cell migration, tissue morphogenesis, and cancer progression. Ephrin‑A3 expression can be up‑ or down‑regulated by hypoxia in the hippocampus or vascular endothelial cells, respectively. Ephrin-A3 interaction with EphA receptors induces neurite growth cone collapse and the repulsion of migrating axons, which is important for the accurate migration of axons during CNS development.

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