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Prostate Apoptosis Response protein-4 (D313) polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of Prostate Apoptosis Response protein-4 protein.

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Aberrant regulation of any of these cell processes can result in cancer. Cell death during embryogenesis, tissue atrophy and normal tissue turnover is called apoptosis and is characterized by cytoplasmic and nuclear condensation, nuclear disorganization and fragmentation of genomic DNA into 180-200 base pair oligomers. Five ionomycin-inducible complementary cDNAs, designated PAR1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, have been isolated from the prostate cancer cell line AT-3. Nucleotide sequencing identified PAR1 as the rat homolog of MKP-1, PAR2 as the injury-inducible gene HB-EGF, and PAR3 as the serum-induced gene Cyr61. PAR4 and PAR5 sequences were not found to correspond to any previously described proteins. PAR4 (prostate apoptosis response 4) is specifically expressed by cells entering apoptosis and is not induced during growth factor stimulation, oxidative stress, necrosis or growth arrest. The PAR4 gene encodes a protein with a putative nuclear localization signal and carboxy terminal leucine zipper.

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