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Free Shipping when you spend NZ$500+

Recognizes endogenous levels of Adenylate Kinase 1 protein.

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Adenylate kinases 1-5 (designated AK1-5) are a set of enzymes that regulate the phosphorylation state of intracellular adenine nucleotides, which are the principle high-energy phosphoryl-carrying molecules in living cells. AKs influence metabolic signals, which include gene expression, ion channel activity and protein kinase-mediated signaling, by catalyzing phosphoryl transfer between adenine nucleotides (AMP, ADP, ATP). Inherited mutations leading to AK deficiencies in erythrocytes have been implicated in hemolytic anemia. Human AK1 is found in the cytosol of skeletal muscle, brain and erythrocytes and is clustered within myofibrils or bound to membranes. AK1-mediated phosphotransfer is essential for maintaining sufficient cellular energy, which enables proper skeletal muscle performance and metabolic activity.

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