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Recognizes endogenous levels of ECM1 protein.

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Extracellular matrix gene 1 (ECM1) is a secreted glycoprotein found primarily in the extracellular matrix. It acts as both a multifunctional binding core and as a scaffolding protein that interacts with a variety of extracellular and structural proteins, including perlecan, fibulin-1C/1D, and MMP-9. Research studies have shown that ECM1 is involved in the maintenance of tissue integrity and homeostasis, T cell immune responses, and angiogenesis. Its importance in maintaining tissue integrity is demonstrated by reports showing that mutations in the gene encoding ECM1 lead to skin lipoid proteinosis. Notably, ECM1 expression is upregulated in a variety of cancers, and during metastasis, suggesting a role for ECM1 in promoting tumor cell proliferation and invasion . In this context, research studies have shown that ECM1 can activate various signaling pathways, such as integrin/FAK, MMP-9/galectin-3, and S100A4/RhoA . In hepatic tissues, it was furthermore shown that ECM1 contributes to maintaining the latency of TGF-? in the extracellular matrix, thereby preventing spontaneous TGF-? activation and liver fibrosis.

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