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Recognizes endogenous levels of GPR136 protein.

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G-protein coupled receptor which selectively activates G(i) type G proteins via ultraviolet A (UVA) light-mediated activation in the retina. Preferentially binds the chromophore 11-cis retinal and is a bistable protein that displays emission peaks at 380 nm (UVA light) and 470 nm (blue light) . Required for the light-response in the inner plexiform layer, and contributes to the regulation of the light-response in the nerve fiber layer, via phosphorylated DAT/SLC6A3 dopamine uptake. Involved in local corneal and retinal circadian rhythm photoentrainment via modulation of the UVA light-induced phase-shift of the retina clock . Acts as a circadian photoreceptor in the outer ear, via modulation of circadian clock-gene expression in response to violet light during the light-to-dark transition phase and night phase of the circadian cycle . Required in the retina to negatively regulate hyaloid vessel regression during postnatal development via light-dependent OPN5-SLC32A1-DRD2-VEGFR2 signaling . Involved in the light-dependent regulation of retina and vitreous compartment dopamine levels.

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