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Recognizes endogenous levels of IREB2 protein.

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Iron regulatory proteins (IRPs; also known as IREBs) are RNA-binding proteins that recognize iron-responsive elements (IREs) and play an important role in maintaining iron homeostasis in mammalian cells. IREs are conserved cis-regulatory hairpin structures located within the 5’ or 3’ untranslated regions (UTRs) of target mRNAs. IRPs inhibit translation when bound to IREs within the 5’ UTR of mRNA encoding for proteins involved in iron storage, export, and utilization. IRP binding to multiple IREs within the 3’ UTR of transferin receptor 1 (TFR1) mRNA prevents its degradation, thereby augmenting translation of TFR1 and increasing iron uptake into cells. Dysregulation of IRPs has been associated with human cancers.
In iron replete cells, FBXL5 targets IRP2 for degradation. Under iron deficiency and/or hypoxic conditions, FBXL5 is destabilized, resulting in IRP2 accumulation and interaction with IRE-containing mRNA.

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