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Free Shipping when you spend NZ$500+

Recognizes endogenous levels of KANK2 protein.

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Involved in transcription regulation by sequestering in the cytoplasm nuclear receptor coactivators such as NCOA1, NCOA2 and NCOA3 .Involved in regulation of caspase-independent apoptosis by sequestering the proapoptotic factor AIFM1 in mitochondria .Pro-apoptotic stimuli can induce its proteasomal degradation allowing the translocation of AIFM1 to the nucleus to induce apoptosis .Involved in the negative control of vitamin D receptor signaling pathway.
Involved in actin stress fibers formation through its interaction with ARHGDIA and the regulation of the Rho signaling pathway .May thereby play a role in cell adhesion and migration, regulating for instance podocytes migration during development of the kidney .Through the Rho signaling pathway may also regulate cell proliferation .

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