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Recognizes endogenous levels of MCOLN3 protein.

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Nonselective ligand-gated cation channel probably playing a role in the regulation of membrane trafficking events. Acts as Ca2+-permeable cation channel with inwardly rectifying activity .
Mediates release of Ca2+ from endosomes to the cytoplasm, contributes to endosomal acidification and is involved in the regulation of membrane trafficking and fusion in the endosomal pathway .
Does not seem to act as mechanosensory transduction channel in inner ear sensory hair cells. Proposed to play a critical role at the cochlear stereocilia ankle-link region during hair-bundle growth (By similarity). Involved in the regulation of autophagy. Through association with GABARAPL2 may be involved in autophagosome formation possibly providing Ca2+ for the fusion process (By similarity).
Through a possible and probably tissue-specific heteromerization with MCOLN1 may be at least in part involved in many lysosome-dependent cellular events .
Possible heteromeric ion channel assemblies with TRPV5 show pharmacological similarity with TRPML3 .

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