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Recognizes endogenous levels of MEF2C with a site at pS387 protein.

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MEF2C is a member of the MEF2 (myocyte enhancer factor 2) family of transcription factors. In mammals, there are four MEF2C-related genes (MEF2A, MEF2B, MEF2C and MEF2D) that encode proteins that exhibit significant amino acid sequence similarity within their DNA binding domains and, to a lesser extent, throughout the rest of the proteins. The MEF2 family members were originally described as muscle-specific DNA binding proteins that recognize MEF2 motifs found within the promoters of many muscle-specific genes. Recently, several groups have reported MEF2 binding activity and MEF2 proteins in a wide variety of cell types where these proteins appear to play an important role in growth factor- and stress-induced early gene responses.

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