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Free Shipping when you spend NZ$500+

Recognizes endogenous levels of TNFAIP2 protein.

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TNF?-induced protein 2, also known as B94 or TNFAIP2, belongs to the Sec6 family and is differentially expressed in development and capillary tube-like formation in vitro. It may play a role as a mediator of inflammation and angiogenesis, and is induced by TNF? and other proinflammatory factors. The B94 gene, originally identified as a tumor necrosis factor ?-inducible gene in endothelial cells, was one of several genes found to be induced by retinoic acid in acute promyelocytic leukemia and other cancers. The TNFAIP2 gene maps to chromosome 14q32.32 encodes a 654 amino acid protein.

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