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ROBO4 polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of ROBO4 protein.

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Secreted leucine-rich repeat-containing proteins 1 through 3 (Slit1-3) are secreted glycoproteins that influence axonal guidance and mediate normal neural progression by acting as high-affinity signaling ligands for the repulsive guidance receptors, robo1 and robo2 (also designated roundabout 1 and 2). Interactions between the robo receptor and Slit ligand families of proteins initiate signaling cascades that repel axonal outgrowth. The arrangement of the extracellular domains of robo4 diverges significantly from that of all other robo family members. Robo4 is the only robo family member expressed in primary endothelial cells. It binds Slit and inhibits cellular migration in a heterologous expression system. Together, the robo proteins prescribe developmental paths during neural development.

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