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Striatin polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of Striatin protein.

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Striatin, SG2NA, and zinedin, the three mammalian members of the striatin family, are multimodular, WD-repeat and calmodulin-binding proteins. Zinedin and SG2NA share with striatin identical protein-protein interaction domains and the same overall domain structure. All three proteins are both cytosolic and membrane-bound and bind calmodulin in the presence of calcium. Striatin is a neuronal, intracellular protein strictly expressed in the somato-dendritic compartment, including spines, subsets of neurons, and is considered as a marker of neuronal polarity. Down-regulation of striatin, which is expressed in a few subsets of neurons, impairs the growth of dendrites as well as rat locomotor activity. Zinedin is mainly expressed in the central nervous system, whereas SG2NA is mainly expressed in the brain and muscle.

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