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Tyrosinase (R501) polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of Tyrosinase protein.

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Tyrosinase (TYR), a type I membrane protein and copper-containing enzyme, is involved in the production of melanin, the primary pigment found in vertebrates. Melanin biogenesis requires the enzymatic activity of TYR, which catalyzes the critical and rate-limiting step of tyrosine hydroxylation in the biosynthesis of melanin. Defects effecting TYR activity result in various forms of albinism. The TYR-related proteins, TRP1 and TRP2, are also specifically expressed in melanocytes, and they likewise contribute to the synthesis of melanin within the melanosomes. The TRPs, including TYR, all share a similar transmembrane region, contain two metal-binding regions and a cysteinerich epidermal growth factor motif, and are localized in the melanosomal membrane. These proteins, however, have distinct catalytic activity, and they individually contribute to the biosynthesis of melanin biopolymers. The TRPs are believed to exists as a multi-enzyme complex, as these proteins form aggregates together, and the expression of TRP1 also helps stabilize TYR in melanocytes.

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