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WesternBright Quantum- HRP Substrate for CCD

SKU K-12042-C20
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WesternBright Quantum is formulated to take full advantage of the linear dynamic range of CCD imagers. It provides high sensitivity to detect low abundance proteins, and does not exhibit substrate depletion with high abundance proteins, so has a larger linear dynamic range than other commercially available substrates. A signal linear with respect to protein concentration over 3 orders of magnitude provides the ability to accurately quantify and compare protein amounts in your samples. Features: • Sensitive – detect attomoles of protein per band. • Quantitative – linear range of signal with respect to protein amount exceeds 3 orders of magnitude. • Low background – for high signal to noise. • Long lasting signal – image blots hours after substrate incubation. • Versatile – Optimized for CCD imaging, and compatible with film detection. In addition, chemifluorescent emissions can be detected with fluorescence imaging systems.

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