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CBP20 (R21) polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of CBP20 protein.

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In eukaryotes, the majority of mRNAs have an m(7)G cap, which is added cotranscriptionally and plays a critical role in many aspects of mRNA metabolism. The effect of the cap on translation is mediated by the initiation factor eIF-4F, whereas the effect on pre-mRNA splicing involves a nuclear complex (CBC). CBC consists of two cap binding proteins, CBP20 and CBP80, which mediate the stimulatory functions of the cap in pre-mRNA splicing, 3' end formation and U snRNA export. The genes CBC1 and CBC2 encode CBP80 and CBP20, respectively. CBP80 comprises three domains, each containing a MIF4G domain. CBP20 has an RNAP fold and associates with the second and third domains of CBP80.

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